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Dual pricing: What happened when a Thai was charged the ‘tourist price’
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Skrevet d. 18-01-2018 04:32
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A viral Facebook post from a Thai woman who paid THB150 ($US4.7) for street food became the talk of town when the vendor admitted she overcharged the woman because the waiter mistook her for a Chinese tourist.

Suthaporn said, “I looked at the bill and asked the waiter, ‘Is this really a Thai price? He said yes.’”

“There are pictures of the food [shown to customers], but I don’t see the prices.”

But when reporters from Amarin TV went to the market yesterday and inquired answers from the stall’s owner, she simply clarified that THB150 is a farang price, and overcharging the Thai woman was a mistake.

Vendor Manee Maitree said that her waiter simply wrote down the price wrong because Suthaporn “looked Chinese.”

The story drew heavy criticism from Thai netizens, many of whom argued that,Thai or not, all customers should pay the same price.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Commerce responded that it would investigate the matter. If the vendor is found guilty of overcharging customers, she would face up to seven years in prison and/or up to a fine of THB100,000.

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