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Serial rapist on the run from Swedish police believed to be in Pattaya
Je suis Charlie
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Skrevet d. 07-06-2017 12:39
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A serial rapist who is wanted by Swedish police is believed to be hiding out in Pattaya.

The 38 year old man, who goes by the names of Peter Vadstensvik or Peter-Frederik Poulsen is suspected of carrying out four rapes between 17-19 May.

Vadstensvik, who is a dual Danish and Norwegian national has a very distinctive tattoo on his face and has been described by police in Sweden as “high risk” and “dangerous”, Swedish media reported.

Vadstensvik has twice been imprisoned for rape. He first served time in jail in 2003 for the rape and illegal detention of a minor. In 2009 he was found guilty of raping two 17 year old girls.

Now police in Sweden believe he has carried out a further four rapes.

Vadstensvik is thought to have fled to Thailand and under the username @poul_blanco has been sharing pictures to his Instagram profile.

A video taken on Tuesday titled ‘Pattaya’ appeared to show Vadstensvik visiting Wongamat beach.

Members of the public are urged not to approach Vadstensvik.

It is not known if police in Sweden are in contact with their Thai counterparts regarding Vadstensvik.

Source: Thai Visa

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Je suis Charlie
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Skrevet d. 08-06-2017 15:50
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svinet er arresteret Thumb

Serial Swedish rape suspect caught at Bangkok airport

Swedish authorities say a 38-year-old man suspected of four rapes last month in Sweden has been arrested in Thailand.

Prosecutor Karl-Erik Antonsson says they will now start the process of having the man, who was not identified, extradited to Sweden.

Antonsson said the fugitive was arrested Thursday on an international arrest warrant, and that he was suspected of rapes that took place in several locations in Sweden on May 17-19.

Swedish media say the man had earlier been convicted twice of sex crimes and added that he was arrested at the Bangkok airport.

Thai officials said they had no immediate information about the arrest. – AP
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Skrevet d. 25-06-2017 01:28
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han er nu udlevet til Sverige han fik alt for kort en tid i Bangkok Hilton desværeAngry

A suspected serial rapist who had fled to Thailand has been flown back to Sweden’s Arlanda airport, where he was arrested on Friday morning.

The 38-year-old man is suspected of four counts of aggravated rape between May 17th and May 19th, and of one count of unlawful deprivation of liberty. The crimes were carried out in the Örebro area in central Sweden as well as in other locations.

The suspect had fled to Thailand, where he was arrested at the airport in Bangkok earlier in June.

He was flown back to Sweden on a regular Thai Airways flight, escorted by police officers who handed him over to the Swedish police when the plane landed at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport early in the morning on Midsummer’s Eve, June 23rd.

Fellow passengers on the plane said the man was sitting at the back of the cabin in handcuffs, Kvällsposten reports.

“He was taken off the plane last, and Swedish police officers were waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs,” one passenger told Kvällsposten.

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