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Haze crisis
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Skrevet d. 06-10-2015 10:04
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Thailand's southern provinces remain affected by haze from Sumatra.

Despite the rain during the past few days, the haze still blocks the Visibility in many provinces.

As seen in this video, Thailand's southern-most provinces Pattani is still hit by haze.

The haze crisis reached Thailand's South last month, causing concerns of air quality.

Local people are now concerned about impact on their health.

The smog also covers tourist destination Phuket and commercial city Hat Yai.

Caused by slash-and-burn agriculture in Indonesia, the crisis has continued to foul air quality

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Skrevet d. 07-10-2015 10:05
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det ser slemt ud, utroligt at folk ikke er blevet klogere, ups jeg glemte lige det der tæller i dag er penge, penge og atter penge så skide være med alt og alle

Offentliggjort den 6. okt. 2015

People in Thailand’s lower South suffer as smog spreads.

Haze from Indonesia rises beyond safety levels in many southern provinces.

The Pollution Control Department’s air-pollution index shows the haze yesterday was the worst ever since 1999.

Authorities have advised people, especially children, the elderly and those with health problems, to spend time indoors.

Thailand’s regional pollution office said the situation was worrisome in Songkhla and other southernmost provinces.

Meanwhile, a change in wind direction is taking haze to Andaman coastal provinces.

Seaside resort provinces including Krabi, Trang, Phang-Nga, Phuket and Ranong are under threat.

About 50 Thais yesterday turned up at the Indonesian Consulate in Songkhla province to officially complain about haze.

Authorities set up a temporary shelter for people in Satun province.

In Yala province, a local hospital reported that patients had risen to 214 with symptoms related to smog.

In Trang province, about 400 fishing trawlers were forced to stay ashore due to poor visibility.

The Phuket Marine Office has warned all boat captains to beware of the drop in visibility.

Apart from health and livelihoods, the smog has also affected businesses and tourism in many provinces.

Fewer tourists are now going to Samila beach in Songkhla.

Local and tourism bodies are calling on the government to discuss the crisis with the Indonesian ambassador.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-o-cha said he has instructed the Foreign Ministry to raise the issue with source countries.
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