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Video of the week – Scammed for 46,000 baht
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Skrevet d. 22-11-2013 02:30
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A warning today for tourists and expats in Chiang Mai. Be very careful if you chose to go to a karaoke bar. Some people are ending up with exorbitant bills and the police may be in on it.

One man was charged 46,000 baht for spending four hours in a karaoke with a couple of friends. He refused to pay.

Police here in this video below are seen dealing with a complaint – and the foreigner still has to pay 20,000.

This is very similar to the Patpong Bar scam.

There is upstairs a bar in Patpong where customers are ushered in with the shout of ‘No cover charge’ – only to find there is a very expensive one. Violence is threatened if they do not cough up. If you resist the police will come and re-negotiate the bill down but the scam has been allowed to continue year after year and the bar makes its money from those who do not complain.

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Skrevet d. 22-11-2013 20:07
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Pas på ude i The Land Of smile, ikke alle er venlige.
Anarki eller Kaos.
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