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Buffalo Racing is a traditional sport that is very important in Thailand. It is an expression of attachment between the Thai people and their buffalo. With these animals traditionally used in the fields harvesting crops they were invaluable for the country. When it is free time from work, the people will bring their buffalo to race in order to strengthen them by. There is no historical evidence to show when this tradition started just some clues that it might have started around the Ayutthaya era.

In the early part of the Rattanakosin era around the time of king Rama 1 and Rama 2 evidence of Buffalo Racing is found in The Story of Phra Abhai Mani, the wedding celebration of Prince Srisuwan and Princess Kessara. And later in the time of king Rama 4 it is found that buffalo racing was popular for gambling as well and there was even a gambling tax for this by law.

Today, Buffalo Racing is still popular in Chonburi province. The event takes place at the municipality and Ban Bueng district of Chonburi province. In the past, it was only the local people who knew about this, but it has expanded until it has become a symbolic traditional event of Chonburi province and more well-known both locally and internationally. This is one of the remarkable traditions of Chonburi that has been organized for more than a century.

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