Debatemne: Thai-Dk Din debat side :: Se jule-kalender med frække damer

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Så er der kommet gang i Love magazines hæderværdige jule-kalender med flotte damer i en ny video hver dag.

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DAY 2: Ashley Graham by Phil Poynter

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DAY 3: Emily Ratajkowski by Phil Poynter

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Inspired by the Basic Instinct video from Love Advent 2016, Kendall wanted to do something cinematic, so Katie Grand asked her to play Rocky Balboa AND his girlfriend Adrian. She boxes with her personal trainer Rob Piela owner of Gotham Gym who was on set to work with her on perfecting her Rocky moves. She also really drank the raw eggs. Very impressive.

"When you get asked to shoot the advent calendar, it’s highly flattering. It’s a chance to have fun and embrace a strong self and always a good time"

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“Now everyone can see what ballet looks like on the inside. Shit ain't sweet, those girls are savage athletes"
– Slick Woods

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"I loved that this year was all about sports. I did Karate for 8 years growing up, so it was really cool being able to use that in my work!

I love the element of surprise that you don’t know what you’re going to get the next day.’s always fun theme, and I love doing video and motion so you get to be a little of an actress. ...I loved that this year was about sports, and I did karate for 8 years growing up so it was really cool being able to use that in my own work now!"

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Så blev den syvende låge åbnet i Love magazines julekalender med korte videoklip af berømte og meget smukke kvinder.

Dagens deltager er sangerinden Ritas Ora med de fuldendte former, der synger og danser sexet til sit seneste hit, 'Anywhere'.

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As part of the stay strong series Doutzen Kroes takes on the jumping rope and wins. She boxes and jumps rope in her normal workout routine so she was very keen to put on some house music and show us her killer rope training skills. Kitted out in an Agent Provocateur swimsuit.

“I really loved the boxing gym theme for this year because it was such a sexy and playful idea and working with Phil was great. I usually train jumping rope, so I really got into it and turned it into a real workout—even showing off my moves a few times! :-) I was really sweating and that was me making the dust fly. It was a great fun.”

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Day 10 of #LOVEADVENT is Taylor Hill doing some fantastic gymnastics
“Shooting Love advent is definitely an adventure. You show up to the set and you never know what you’re going to get.” Says Taylor. “Every year it’s a blast, but this year was an incredible surprise. To me I feel it’s empowering women to be sexy and be who they are, for just themselves, no one else.”

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"I love seeing everyone else's videos. It's celebratory of epic human beings and always pushes boundaries. The fashion circle is a family, so the Love Advent kind of feels like a Holiday Year Book in a way. Headmaster Grand style."

Gigi Hadid on Day 11 gives us her power moves and free-form favourite workouts. With her tomboy sexy look, she is killing it with high kicks, round kicks, punches and volleyball spikes throughout her training session with Rob Piela from Gotham Gym.

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Hailey Baldwin shows us her amazing balancing skills on the incredibly difficult Bosu Ball at the Dog Pound. Decked out in white Agent Provocateur lingerie, pigtails, socks and trainers she doesn't put a foot wrong.

'I love exercising in lingerie I mean who doesn’t?'
- Hailey Baldwin

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Day 14 of #LOVEADVENT is abs day with Jasmine Sanders.
“I love the Advent because it's a fun festive way to celebrate a successful year with the hottest women in the world and count down to the holidays!”

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Day 16 of #LOVEADVENT is @stellamaxwell cycling…with an ice cream.
"You for sure aren’t going to see the Love Advent calendar hanging in grandma and grandpas house before the holidays hahaha. Shooting the Advent calendar is always fun and you never quite know what to expect. Happy holidays :)" #STAYSTRONG

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Day 17 of #LOVEADVENT is glute day with @alexisren.
“I appreciate Love Advent because they like to experiment with creatively different concepts that are unforgettable and fun to shoot!” #STAYSTRONG

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Day 18 of #LOVEADVENT is Bella Hadid doing some superb sledge hammering. “I love beating the shit out of tires for fun.” #STAYSTRONG

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For Day 20 of LOVE ADVENT, Irina Shayk shoots from the hip. Staying strong, she plays the perfect American cowboy in Coach.

"I love doing Love advent because it's always fun getting wild and crazy with Katie and it's reminds me of old Russian Christmas celebrations." Irina Shayk

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Day 23 of #LOVEADVENT is weights day with Romee Strijd, #STAYSTRONG.🏋a039;r05;a92;a039;

“What I like about the LOVE Advent Calendar is that they want to showcase women in a sensual perspective, but they do it in a cool, edgy way. The videos are sometimes over the top, showing a bit more of the girls than you regularly see in videos, but they get away with it, as they have a great team of creative people that put all the pieces together in a certain way that eventually makes the videos so cool.”

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The #LOVEMUPPETS BY RANKIN Trailer. Coming... tomorrow!

Starring The Muppets, Adesuwa Aighewi, Adwoa Aboah, Barbara Palvin, Derek Blasberg, Dilone, Doutzen Kroes, Edie Campbell, Eliza Cummings, Gwendoline Christie, Hailey Baldwin, Jean Campbell, Joan Smalls, Lily Nova, Matty Bovan, Poppy Delevingne, Rita Ora and Winnie Harlow

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Helping us say farewell to 2017, Karlie Kloss has chosen basketball as her Stay Strong sport. She shows us that sporty can still be sexy.
“This year's LOVE Advent calendar theme is all about celebrating what makes us strong. Whether it’s mental or physical, being strong is sexy, which is at the heart of this campaign.’

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fin jule kalender som en godt kan se igen ((11((