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Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 19-11-2017 07:30

Police suggest sudden death of Norwegian could be due to cold weather in Thailand

Police in Uttaradit told reporters that they think a Norwegian pensioner staying with a Thai woman might have died of the cold.

Arne Larsen, 68, was found in bed dressed only in his underpants.

His local Tha Pla girlfriend had popped out for a few hours to sell stuff at the local market.

When she returned home rigor mortis had already set in.

Mr Larsen's body has been sent for a full autopsy to Phitsanulok to find out why he died.

Tha Pla cops said that he had met a girl local to the area while in Pattaya and the two had kept in touch when he went back to Oslo.

When he returned to Thailand he could not find her in Pattaya and contacted her in Utaradit before travelling to meet her.

The local cops conjectured that Mr Larsen had died from the cold, reported ONB News.