Debatemne: Thai-Dk Din debat side :: Thainess ?

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I Will Not Love You Long Time

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Ingen båd, intet Problem bod No Problem.jpg

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En påmindelse om, at du ikke kan købe eller må drikke alkohol på togene i Thailand

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hvad siger I så, var det noget for jer

Fra Munk til Ladyboy ((9((

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Taxi driver returns half a million baht to Australian
Wimol Treepat (right), a taxi driver, returns the money left in his taxi to his passenger David Collinson at the police unit of Suvarnabhumi airport


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nogle er ærlige andre ikke ((1((

Tricks of the trade: Why tourists might pay 2,540 baht for a taxi ride in Bangkok!

BANGKOK: -- Four Chinese tourists were charged 2,540 baht for a ride from the airport to their downtown Bangkok hotel yesterday.

But the seemingly random and exorbitant figure - perhaps five times what it should be - is a ruse used by rogue taxi drivers to con unsuspecting tourists.

A taxi driver who heard about the case told that 2540 is a code used by the Land Transport department when checking the proper function of the meter in taxis.

Taxi drivers just have to press a button and the code comes up on the screen as if it was the actual fare. The driver said this was used to con people.

It appears to be common knowledge among taxi drivers.

But the staff at the Tara Place Hotel in Sam Sen Road near the river smelt an obvious rogue taxi rat. They contacted the Land Transport Department with the number and registration detains of the cab in question.

He will have some explaining to do.

No mention was made in the report if the tourists forked out the 2,540 baht demanded. The fare from Suvarnabhumi to that area of town would likely be around 500 - 600 baht.

link til kilde på thai http://news.sanoo...m/2074998/

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Det kører bare der ud af ups nej de sejler jo((7))

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Det er da helt utroligt som de altid kommer galt afsted.

De kan ikke køre på knallert uden at det ender i kaos, biler kan de heller ikke styre uden at ramme alt og alle på deres vej, og nu er det så bådene det går ud over denne gang.

På en underlig surrealistisk måde kan man ikke andet at elske deres galskab((7))

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skipper skrev:
Det er da helt utroligt som de altid kommer galt afsted.

De kan ikke køre på knallert uden at det ender i kaos, biler kan de heller ikke styre uden at ramme alt og alle på deres vej, og nu er det så bådene det går ud over denne gang.

På en underlig surrealistisk måde kan man ikke andet at elske deres galskab((7))

ja Skipper, de er bare noget for sig selv, se nu den unge pige hun har da lært at man ikke må kører og ringe på samme tid, så hun stopper og ringer

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En familie Bar I Thailand

En masse sjov for far, er ikke sikker på om resten af familien er så glade

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Old man who lost family savings gets Bt1.3m in donations
An elderly man who lost a purse containing all his family savings of Bt15,000 in Buri Ram province..


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Fifteen Thai youths aged between 10-14 die every ten days from motorcycle accidents or about 700 deaths each year, said Dr Adisak Plitpolkarnpim, director of Ramathibodi Hospital’s Child Safety Promotion and Injury Prevention Research Centre (CSIP), on Monday.


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Ægte Thainess

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det er dejligt at se nogle taxaer/motorcykler chauffører i Bangkok der tilbyder gratis service i dag i respekt for for kongen taxi.jpg

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mere nyt fra bar industrien

Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy og andre underholdnings muligheder i Bangkok vil forblive lukket på ubestemt tid.

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Avis vejen ((7))

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Det styrtregner men vi kommer tørskoet frem ((4))

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Thai Woman Returns Lost iPhone 6 To Tourist

A female tourist shopping at a Bangkok mall was overcome with emotion when a Thai woman refused her offer of a reward when she returned her lost iPhone.

In the 30 second clip the Thai woman tells the tourist, “No I don’t want money, I just take care for you”, as she offers her cash as a way of saying thank you for returning her lost smartphone.

The Good Samaritan again says no to the offer before telling the tourist, “Welcome to Thailand”, as she gets a big thank you hug from the holidaymaker.

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Hvorfor ikke nu hvor der er mangel på sort tøj

เสื้อตัวนี้สีดำ ผมรักในหลวง

"This shirt is black.

I love The King"

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Falang ness ?

A forty-seven year old Frenchman blind-folded himself and jumped from the 16th floor of an apartment building in Patong, Phuket at 6.50am this morning, (21 October) killing himself instantly.

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Falang ness ?

Video footage of a young foreign man singing a solo rendition of the Royal Anthem has gone viral after being upload by Facebook user Fundee Junyatanakron on Monday.

The minute-long clip, filmed on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, shows the unnamed man dressed all in black proudly sing Sansoen Phra Barami before taking a bow at the end of his solo performance.

He was praised by all who commented on the clip that’s clocked up hundreds of thousands of views and made the national news.

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Genbrug er godt ((7))

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Falang BAR

BANGKOK:-- Eight backpackers were arrested for smoking ganja in Bangkok yesterday - they were all rounded up at a guest house named "Overstay".

A joint operation was mounted between soldiers and Bowonmonkhol station police after complaints of noise and smoke wafting from the Charoen Sanitwong premises.

The task force found 20 foreigners in the 15 room facility - they were both men and women from the UK, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Spain, Israel and China.

All were given a urine test for drugs and eight of these - seven men and one woman - registered a purple result indicating marijuana use.

The Israeli - Ewal Chawot, 32 - was found in possession of 22.64 grams of the drug.

The seven caught with the drug in their system were charged at the local police station while the Israeli faces possession with intent to distribute as well.

Police are now looking for the owner of "Overstay" to determine if they knew what was going on at the premises.


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What do you do when the roads are flooded after hours of heavy rainfall? You get your jet ski out and you go for a ride down the main road of course.

This video from Phetchaburi of skiing Somchai has been shared thousands of times today and it really is another one of those “Only In Thailand” moments.

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A so-called “celebrity” has come in for heavy criticism today after smartphone footage of him repeatedly slapping a man he claimed damaged his beloved Mini Countryman in a minor road accident went viral


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Drunk Monk Disrobed For Public Tantrum

Ni-orn Saenmuangchin, 51, sits Monday inside Udon Thani Police Station after he caused commotion at the provincial bus terminal.

UDON THANI — A monk was disrobed Monday after he got drunk on moonshine and yelled at a number of farangs waiting at a bus station.

Ni-orn Saenmuangchin, from a forest temple in Udon Thani province, was pacing around the provincial bus terminal yelling at seated foreigners when police and military officers approached to see what was wrong.

Full story: http://www.khaoso...c-tantrum/

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Tag bussen hjem det er så sjovt når den skøre bus chauffør giver den gas :o

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fin sjov video

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BANGKOK — A spokesman of the ruling junta said Friday that a drill sergeant seen caning his recruit in a now-viral video will face severe punishment.

In response to the outrage on social media against yet another instance of brutality in the armed forces, Col. Winthai Suvaree said the punishment was not sanctioned by the army, and promised a swift investigation.

“It was a clear violation of regulations and orders from commanding officers,” the spokesman said at Friday’s news conference. “Once the investigation is concluded, the said member of the armed force will definitely be handed a severe punishment.”


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Somchai has been taking some substances...

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Somchai Thinks He’s A Stuntmanht

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Hvem kigger ikke på dejlige damer((11((,,,171102_n.jpg

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pas på når du hæver penge :o

STICKBOY BANGKOK: Man Robbed At KBank ATM in Broad Daylight

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Når du tror, du har set det hele i Thailand, popper noget andet op, som denne usædvanlige tur.

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Taxi driver returns 2kg gold, cash to owner

A taxi driver returned two kilogrammes of gold ornaments and 255,000 baht in cash to a woman, who left her belongings in his vehicle early on Tuesday.

The return of the lost property by Withit Duangchumpol, 34, to Patcharee Sae Lin, 58, the owner of a gold shop in Phetchabun province, was witnessed by Pol Col Akrawut Thaneerat, chief of Thung Mahamek police, and executives of Jor Sor 100 radio station at 7pm on the same day.

Mr Withit said at about 1.50am he took a female passenger from Saphan Khwai to Ratchawong area.

On arriving at his home, Mr Withit found a black bag left in the taxi. He called the Jor Sor 100 radio station, asking it to announce in the middle of its regular programme for the owner to reclaim the bag.

He then took the bag to the radio station, where he and station staff found inside it 2kg of gold ornaments and 255,000-baht cash.

An arrangement was subsequently made for the the owner, Mrs Patcharee, to reclaim her property.

Mrs Patcharee said when she first arrived in Bangkok on Monday night she took a taxi from Mor Chit bus terminal to Thanam Ratchawong, but the taxi could not find her destination and took her to Saphan Khwai area. She then took a new taxi, driven by Mr Withit, to her house in Thanam Ratchawong area.

At the house, she found out she had left her bag with the cash and valuables in the taxi. She then make a call to inform Thung Mahamek police and Jor Sor 100 radio station of the lost items, but did not expect to get them back.

Mrs Patcharee gave Mr Withit 100,000 baht in return for his good deed and made a donation of 30,000 baht to the radio station's programme to buy wheelchairs for people in need. Mr Withit also joined the programme by giving 10,000 baht of the reward to the radio station.


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Schoolboys find B100,000 in a pair of old jeans

TAK – Two schoolboys in Mae Ramat district were delighted to receive donated clothes to wear during the cold season, but what surprised them most was what they found in the pocket of a pair of jeans – 100,000 baht cash.

Khamnon Kaenwichit and his cousin Nawapon Suksereepon are both aged 9 and in Prathom 1 (Grade 1) at Ban Khun Huay Mae Thor School in tambon Sam Muen.

They told their teacher on Thursday afternoon about the B100,000 windfall they found in a pocket of the donated denim trousers, clothing the school distributed to needy students.

The boys and their family wanted to return the money to the owner, they said.

The school had received sacks of used clothes last week from a group of people who donated them for distribution to those in need.

The school was coordinating with the donor group to help find the owner of the cash.

The surprise discovery of the money was confirmed by the Office of Education Zone 2 in Tak province.

-Bangkok Post

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Thainess eller skal vi sige Falangness dum er han i hvert fald

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Hvem gider betale 750 baht for at se lidt ud over bangkok

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BANGKOK — A police pursuit ended with 18 people injured in the capital’s Ekkamai area after the driver of a delivery truck plowed through a roadblock and damaged dozens of cars Wednesday afternoon.

Police opened fire on the truck driven by Ekkapoj Yodsiri, 27, who they managed to arrest and take to the Thonglor Police Station for questioning.


lastbil kørte igennem politiet,s blokade, påkørte, 36 biler og sårede 18 personer på den tur

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Update on truck driver that damaged 36 vehicles in Ekkamai. Police found 1.9g of Ice on him

derfor ville han væk små¨2 kilo giver 30 til 50 år i hotel gitterly

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Bangkok Post infographic showing the 5km route of the truck that damaged 38 vehicles in #Bangkok

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pas på der ude i trafikken

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Teacher accused of beating 7-year-old with stick

Boonsueb Khanthong, 50, said this happened on Friday when her son left his classroom before time. The teacher (name withheld) allegedly hit him 99 times with a wooden stick wrapped in adhesive tape.

Mrs Boonsuem claimed the teacher offerred her 50,000 baht to settle the case, but she did not accept it because she wanted her brought into the justice process.


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Bailed child procurer let out to continue preying on children

HAT YAI: -- A man who was arrested in September for procuring children for sex was given bail.

He promptly continued with his business of supplying the under aged to pedophiles in the Hat Yai area, reports Sanook.

He was brazenly using the Line application sending sick pictures of young girls to customers.

Police in the southern Thai town set up a sting at the My Home Resort yesterday and Sanan otherwise known as Nat Wansamngam, 30, arrived in a car to deliver a girl who was under 15 to one of the rooms.

Officers handed over the agreed 3,000 baht and petrol money of 200 baht then arrested the pimp.

Police said he had been arrested on September 8th on a warrant issued in August for the same offence. But the court gave him bail.

Source: Sanook: http://news.sanoo...m/2144310/

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Screaming Panic as Fire Rains Down on Koh Phangan 'Full Moon' NYE Party
SURAT THANI — An unknown number of tourists suffered burns and injuries when a pyrotechnic meltdown prompted panic New Year’s Eve on Koh Phangan.


Thai police deny that there were any fireworks at Koh Phangan new year party. Watch the video & decide for yourself:

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se med på denne dejlige halv frække reklame

Oprettet af thai d. 07-01-2017 05:12

Horror video – Stabbed to death for an iPhone

Oprettet af FCK d. 09-01-2017 06:43

CCTV footage capturing two young foreign men pulling down a row of Thai flags has gone viral on Facebook with most wanting the pair of vandals hung, drawn and quartered for their antics.

The two men were walking past Sunny Fashion in Krabi when one decides it would be a good idea to tear down a flag. Not wanting to be outdone, his bellend buddy then goes about pulling down another three flags.

No doubt the pair will be tracked down in the next 24 hours and paraded in front of the cameras apologising for being a couple of twats.

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idioten der ikke kan finde ud af at stoppe bilen er så ment politi betjent

The Honda Jazz driver had been asked, along with other motorists, to stop and wait whilst school children crossed the road safely. The cop on duty had signalled the crossing but the impatient driver revs the engine and pushes past, almost hitting the duty officer as he did.

Traffic cop, forty-four year old Theera Seubtrakoon, said the incident happened on Tuesday at 5.26pm during heavy rain. He had stopped the traffic so that children from Wat Pom Kaew school and Samut Songkram kindergarten could cross the road in safety.

‘The driver hit me then raced off at speed,’ Theera told ‘Drivers should obey the law for the benefit of all.’


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Denne gamle Thai TV annonce for Nissan pickups er strålende. Det må have været gjort omkring det tidspunkt den amerikanske show The Dukes of Hazzard var populært.

Højtflyvende pickupper ...

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Denne dashcam optagelser indfanger en biker som mister kontrollen og smække lige ind i fronten af en pickup

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Bangkok deputy governor Amnuay Nimmano wants city inspectors to be strict in stopping motorcyclists illegally using footpaths, which he says are for pedestrians.

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hun flytter sig ikke en tomme ((7)) lige meget hvor meget de råber og skriger efter hende :TUP

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BANGKOK — A homeless woman was arrested Thursday on suspicion of throwing boiling hot water at random women pedestrians in Bangkok last week.

Sirirat Noanthong, 41, is accused of multiple counts of unprovoked assault, some of which were captured on security cameras. Police said the suspect will undergo a psychiatric evaluation to see whether she’s fit to stand trial.

Police spotted her on a street in Samut Prakan province Thursday night. Police reportedly found a thermos among her belongings.

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Hvad er klokken i Thailand :VI


det nye thailandske ur ((11((

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Oprettet af soi8 d. 04-02-2017 04:45

Jeg tænker også ofte på det. Mad fylder meget i thaiernes bevidsthed, men gør det ikke også det i vores. Jo, men nok på en anderledes måde. Vi ynder at tale om god mad os så vejret selvfølgelig. Thaierne ikke kun taler om mad, men spiser også ganske ofte. Det er jo så igrunden også diverse eksperter anbefaler. Små måltider men ofte. Det tager jo så bare en vanvittig masse af thaiernes tid alt det spiser, så ikke så meget tid til arbejde da der jo også skal en lille lur til indimellem.

Oprettet af ATM d. 06-02-2017 13:11

B400m of loan shark gang's assets impounded

UTHAI THANI -- The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) on Monday impounded 102 blocks of land and buildings, worth about 400 million baht, believed to be linked to the country's biggest loan shark network, known as the Helmet Gang.


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Thailand’s eighteen different gender identities

They are;

(Straight) Male
A man who likes women.

(Straight) Female
A woman who likes men.

A woman who dresses like a man and likes women or Dees.

A woman who likes manly women or Toms.

Tom Gay
A woman who likes women, Toms, and Dees.

Tom Gay King
A manly Tom who likes Toms.

A woman who likes bisexuals, Toms, lesbians, and men.

A man who likes women, Gay Kings, and Gay Queens (does not include Ladyboys).

Gay Queen
A womanly man who likes men.

Gay King
A manly man who likes men.

Tom Gay Two-Way
A Tom who can be both a Tom Gay King or Tom Gay Queen.

Tom Gay Queen
A womanly Tom who likes Toms.

A woman who likes women.

A man who wants to be a woman.

A man who likes Toms.

A Kathoey who likes Toms.

A woman who likes gay men and Kathoey.

A woman who likes Toms, lesbians, and women, and can also be any of them.”


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se mig jeg kan det hele på den halve tid

Oprettet af Q8 d. 14-02-2017 10:06

This pooch loves his country so much he stands and sings The National Anthem when it’s broadcast on TV.:TUP

Oprettet af Tulle d. 20-02-2017 13:59

pas på bussen stopper ikke, bremsene virke ikke :o

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 21-02-2017 07:33

her kommer jeg total vanvittig kørsel

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Inside the Thai prison where murderers can fight for their freedom

Gangster who stabbed teenager in the head is released six years early after winning Muay Thai match against a converted Buddhist from Kansas

Noy Khaopan was freed early from Thailand’s Khao Prik Prison for winning match

He beat US citizen Cody Moberly in a bloody five round fight for his freedom

Khaopan was jailed for 11 years for stabbing a teenager in the head in 2010

The gangster, who is in his twenties, said he was drunk and ‘lost control’

He took part in Prison Fight, a prison scheme to fight in Muay Thai matches for early release

Jailed murderers can fight for their freedom in bloody Muay Thai matches as part of a prison scheme in Thailand.


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Oprettet af anti d. 25-02-2017 05:23

hvorfor ikke slå lidt på næven og livet er igen værd at leve ude i friheden

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Fed Thai reklame

Redigeret af pareden d. 06-03-2017 15:12

Oprettet af nej d. 08-03-2017 05:12

Is This The Fattest Thai Policeman Ever?

Oprettet af harry eker d. 09-03-2017 04:39

Inmates in a juvenile correctional facility in Pathum Thani practise Muay Thai boxing. The Corrections Department in cooperation with Srinakharinwirot University has launched activities to promote health and well-being among prisoners

tak ADM for opload:TUP

Oprettet af sky d. 15-03-2017 00:21

Det er varmt i Bangkok mega varmt

Oprettet af yindee d. 15-03-2017 08:28

hun kunne ikke huske hendes navn eller hvorfor hun ikke havde tøj ja selv hendes sko var væk det kunne hun heller ikke huske

hun blev kørt ind til en lukket afdeling for psykisk syge måske kommer hukommelsen så igen når pille rusen damper af

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Oprettet af per1234 d. 19-03-2017 08:54

Police in Thailand are today hunting a cruel mother who punished her young son by tying him to railings with plastic cord.

The angry woman was spotted yelling at her son outside a food market in the Nonthaburi province near Bangkok, as she holds his head down with her foot.

She makes him bend double while straddling the railings and then wraps the thick plastic style string around his head, arms and back.

The petrified young lad is heard gasping ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe’.

Redigeret af ADM d. 26-04-2017 07:57

Oprettet af nej d. 20-03-2017 10:01

ja så kom historien til DK

Politiet jagter denne kvinde: Bandt sin grædende søn til gelænder
Optagelser af den grumme straf har fået politiet i Thailand til at eftersøge kvinden

En thailandsk kvindes hårde, offentlige afstraffelse af sin søn har nu fået hende i det lokale politis søgelys, efter optagelser af hvordan hun behandler den lille dreng er kommet i ordensmagtens besiddelse. Det skriver Daily Mail.

Optagelserne, som skulle være filmet af et øjenvidne, viser hvordan kvinden råber af drengen, mens hun bruger sin ene fod til at presse hans hoved ned.

- Jeg kan ikke trække vejret, jeg kan ikke trække vejret, skriger den lille dreng, mens kvinden ufortrødent binder ham til et gelænder med plasticbånd.

Ifølge Daily Mail blev drengen angiveligt sluppet fri af sin mor kort tid efter. Politiet vil dog stadig gerne tale med kvinden.

- Moderen gør noget rigtig slemt. Er det virkelig hvad en mor skal gøre? Den eneste måde damen (øjenvidnet, red.) kunne hjælpe, var ved at filme en video og dele den, mener Rangsan Namsang fra politiet i Bangkok, hvor videoen er optaget.

Ifølge Rangsan Namsang er man opmærksom på optagelserne, og vil formentlig starte en efterforskning af kvinden.

hun er nu fanget hvad mon straffen bliver

Police in Nonthaburi have arrested a woman who used plastic cord to tie her son to metal railings as a punishment for being naughty.

An officer from Nonthaburi police confirmed the woman had been arrested, saying that she had “a bad heart”.

Under questioning, the woman admitted her behaviour was unacceptable but said she wanted to punish her son for stealing money from her so he could play games at an internet cafe.

Police confirmed the woman will be prosecuted and that officials from Department of Children and Youth, as well as local social workers are also investigating the incident.

Oprettet af IT d. 25-03-2017 01:49

flyt jer jeg vil bare forrest i køen

Oprettet af yindee d. 27-03-2017 11:30

der er ikke ufarlig at være munk slet ikke når man vil have kvindelig selv skab

Abbot shot by 'resentful' woman

CHAI NAT -- A woman fired six gunshots at the abbot of a temple in Sankhaburi district, inflicting serious wounds, as villagers gathered there to make merit on Monday morning, a Bhuddist holy day.

Pol Capt Wichokchai Onlamai, a Sankhaburi police investigator, said Phra Nathapol Jitchamnong, 42, the abbot of Wat Areethaweewanaram at Ban Nong E-duk in tambon Dong Khon, was attacked while walking from a shelter with food for some dogs.

A woman was waiting for him with a gun. She fired six shots at the monk, hitting him twice in the abdomen and once in the right leg.

About 100 villagers who were still at the temple heard the shots and rushed to help the abbot, who had fallen to the ground in a pool of blood. They also grabbed and held Athitaya Pan-gnern, 31, from tambon Bang Khut, his assailant, and called police.

According to police, Ms Athitaya said she had an affair with the abbot and fell pregnant. He made her get an abortion and wanted no more to do with her. She allegedly confessed, and said she acted out of resentment.

The suspect was taken away by police for further questioning and legal action.

Phra Nathapol was rushed to Sanburi hospital and was reported to be out of danger. Police said they would question him when he was well enough.


Oprettet af per1234 d. 29-03-2017 05:45

Another day, another round of minivan madness…

Oprettet af Kent d. 13-04-2017 10:37

Happy Songkran? Motorists pelted with urine, raw fish, motor oil

A man holds a plastic bag filled with…something early Thursday morning at Liap Chai Fung Bridge in Chonburi. Photo: Saha Group-Laem Chabang / Facebook

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Bred Last last.jpg

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velkommen til

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Thailandsk mand hænger sit barn og sig selv i Facebook livevideo

En video af en thailandsk mand, der hænger sin 11 måneder gamle datter og derefter sig selv, er blevet lagt på det sociale medie Facebook.

Det bekræfter det lokale politi over for nyhedsbureauet dpa.

Den 21-årige mand lagde livevideoen på Facebook sent mandag aften, hvilket fik hans kone til at gå til politiet i byen Phuket, der ligger 840 kilometer fra Bangkok.

Politiet fandt ligene af den 21-årige mand og hans 11 måneder gamle datter hængende fra taget på et forladt hotel.

Hustruen har fortalt det lokale politi, at hendes mand og deres fælles barn forsvandt, efter at de havde haft et skænderi.

Hun har også forklaret politiet, at hendes mand ofte har mishandlet hende.


Oprettet af farang d. 28-04-2017 07:47

Far filmede drab på datter: Nu fortæller hustruen om tragedien

Jiranuch Trirat skyndte sig at alarmere politiet, som et par timer senere fandt ligene af hendes mand og deres datter

21-årige Wuttisan Wongthalay tog mandag livet af sin blot 11 måneder gamle datter, hvorefter han begik selvmord.

Begge dele blev filmet i en livevideo på Facebook, og det var her, den 20-årige hustru, Jiranuch Trirat, så tragedien udspille sig.

- Jeg var sammen med min bror, da det skete. Han loggede ind på Facebook, og pludselig kunne vi se live-videoen. Jeg så, da han tog rebet om min datter, og så kunne jeg ikke se mere, fortæller hun til nyhedsbureauet AFP.

Politi: Drabsmand var paranoid
Jiranuch Trirat skyndte sig at alarmere politiet, som et par timer senere fandt ligene af den thailandske mand og deres datter hængende fra taget på et forladt hotel.

Ifølge Jiranuch Trirat havde hun og Wuttisan Wongthalay flere problemer i deres ægteskab, og han var angiveligt voldelig over for både hende og hendes 5-årige søn fra et tidligere forhold.

Det samme fortæller en lokal efterforskningsleder til Reuters.

- Han (Wuttisan Wongthalay red.) var paranoid og frygtede, at hustruen ville forlade ham, og at hun ikke elskede ham.

Se også: Mand hænger sit barn og sig selv i Facebookvideo

Det var de thailandske myndigheder, der kontaktede Facebook for at få fjernet den voldsomme video. Videoen eksisterer ikke længere på det sociale medie.

Det er ikke første gang, at et mord bliver filmet og lagt ud på Facebook. I sidste uge skød og dræbte 37-årige Steve Stephens en tilfældig ældre mand, Robert Godwin, på gaden i Pennsylvania, USA. Drabet lå på Facebook i flere timer, før det blev fjernet.

Facebook-stifter, Mark Zuckerberg, har efterfølgende udtalt, at det sociale medie konstant arbejder på at forbedre håndteringen af voldelige videoer.

- Vi har meget arbejde at gøre. Vi vil gøre alt, hvad vi kan, for at sådan en tragedie kan undgås, lyder det fra Zuckerberg.


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Monk Attacks Woman, Gets What He Deserves

It was all popping off at the bus station in Phon Thong district, Roi Et this morning when a monk became involved in an argument with a van driver that led him to attack a female employee in a moment of madness.

The mad monk gets what he deserves for hitting out at the woman when the van driver gives him a taste of his own medicine and a bit more.

After things calm down the monk isn’t satisfied and comes back for round two with van man.


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hvem siger nej til lidt ekstra, ikke thaierne

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kun i Thailand :TUP

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middagen er reddet ((7))

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se her hvad du får for 20 baht på den lokale thai bodega ø((

Oprettet af Kent d. 11-06-2017 14:17

pas på derude i trafikken, nogle har den store kniv med

Oprettet af thai d. 13-06-2017 02:37

det er muligt at overleve ved hjælp af et mirake

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der er penge i musik når du kan fremvise frække danse halvnøgen

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Following PM’s scolding, twerking country singer ‘Lamyai’ now covered up

Following the Prime Minister’s comments on her sexy stage outfit and suggestive dance moves earlier this week, the 18-year-old told reporters she has been feeling a little “uneasy,” and has adjusted her act to earn acceptance from the public.

She told Sanook that she has indeed taken the PM’s oddly timed public criticism — he was speaking to reporters after a meeting about rice policy — into consideration. After the premier’s comments, her manager had said Lamyai would dutifully reduce her number of pelvic thrusts, a key selling point of her act, from nine to a demure three.

We’ll be interested to see how long the denim jacket stays in place.

read more http://pattayaone...w-covered/

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She won’t have mistaken identity issues

A Thai woman has her ID card tattooed on her back, drawing attention from the social media around Thailand.

Oprettet af bz d. 20-06-2017 05:07

Q8 skrev:
Following PM’s scolding, twerking country singer ‘Lamyai’ now covered up

Following the Prime Minister’s comments on her sexy stage outfit and suggestive dance moves earlier this week, the 18-year-old told reporters she has been feeling a little “uneasy,” and has adjusted her act to earn acceptance from the public.

She told Sanook that she has indeed taken the PM’s oddly timed public criticism — he was speaking to reporters after a meeting about rice policy — into consideration. After the premier’s comments, her manager had said Lamyai would dutifully reduce her number of pelvic thrusts, a key selling point of her act, from nine to a demure three.

We’ll be interested to see how long the denim jacket stays in place.

read more http://pattayaone...w-covered/

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Thai temple’s shameless pursuit of cash, devaluing culture

Superheroes are coming to the rescue of Thailand’s temples, where monks have commissioned giant statues of comic book icons and toy robots to entertain children while parents donate to their coffers.

Instead of the traditional tranquil Buddhas and mythical beasts that adorn most monasteries in the land, the shimmering Wat Ta Kien temple outside Bangkok is guarded by three towering Transformer robots.

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Truer betjent med kniv: Men se så hvad han gør
I en tid med terrorfrygt kan betjentens reaktion virke overraskende

En thailandsk politibetjent lovprises bredt for sin reaktion, da en mand tilsyneladende ude af balance entrerede Huay Kwang-stationen i Bangkok.

Hvor mange, som automatreaktion - og det vel ganske forståeligt, formentlig ville søge ly eller række efter deres våben, valgte Anirut Malee nemlig venlighed og dialog, da den unavngivne mand begyndte at vifte med en kniv.

Episoden fandt ifølge thailandske medier sted 17. juni, og historien bliver nu flittigt delt verden over.

Fik et kram
Overvågningsbilleder, som du kan se øverst, har indfanget hele optrinnet, og herpå kan man se, hvordan Malee roligt sætter sig på kanten af sit skrivebord og herefter begynder at tale den angiveligt frustrerede mand til ro.

Efter et par ordvekslinger lykkedes det ligefrem betjenten at overbevise manden om at aflevere kniven. Men det bliver bedre.

Malee, der kunne forstå, at manden var stresset og i bund og grund ikke helt havde tænkt situationen igennem, besluttede sig nemlig for også at give ham et kram.

Havde mistet sin guitar
- Han var en forhenværende musiker, som havde arbejdet som sikkerhedsvagt i tre dage uden at blive betalt for det. Han havde derudover fået stjålet sin guitar, så det hele stressede ham lidt, har Malee efterfølgende fortalt ifølge Thai Visa News.

- Jeg hørte hans ord og sympatiserede og sagde, at jeg havde en guitar, han kunne få, og at vi kunne gå ud at få et måltid sammen.

Manden blev angiveligt sendt på hospitalet til en mental-undersøgelse. indtil videre er der ikke blevet rettet nogen anklager mod ham.

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emil skrev:
Thai temple’s shameless pursuit of cash, devaluing culture

Superheroes are coming to the rescue of Thailand’s temples, where monks have commissioned giant statues of comic book icons and toy robots to entertain children while parents donate to their coffers.

Instead of the traditional tranquil Buddhas and mythical beasts that adorn most monasteries in the land, the shimmering Wat Ta Kien temple outside Bangkok is guarded by three towering Transformer robots.

i får lige en video med på vejen

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fin stil eller hvad

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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

To attack a dog of course…

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Accused trafficker on bail arrested with 11kg of 'ice'
Niwat Dokmai, 25, (red shirt) after his arrest by police, with the seized crystal meth on the desk, in Hat Yai district, Songkhla, late on Monday night.

SONGKHLA - A 25-year-old heavily tattooed veteran drug trafficker from Bangkok was arrested and 11 kilogrammes of crystal methamphetamine worth about 11 million baht seized in Hat Yai district on Monday...

The suspect was also known as Toon Dokmai and was well-known among drug traffickers for the tattoos covering his whole body, even his lips, police said. He was out on bail pending trial on a previous drug...


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BANGKOK — After a couple of pythons made themselves at home Sunday in the toilet of a house in western Bangkok, the family who lives there is wary of using their downstairs bathroom.

Suthiporn Praditkanok, 15, was washing her hands in the restroom at her home in the Taling Chan district, when she ran out screaming after a large python leaped out of the toilet bowl and began slithering towards her.

Hearing her screams, Suthiporn’s dad, Kanok Praditkanok, 41, ran into the bathroom, snapped a photo of the snake with his smartphone, shut the toilet lid on the creature and put the toilet tank cover on the lid for extra protection before calling the authorities.


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Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 14-07-2017 15:25

Drug Smuggler Forced To Apologise To Two Chickens

A drug smuggler sobs in handcuffs as police make him apologise to two CHICKENS for stuffing condoms filled with meth pills down their throats.

Charnwut Seuksongkram, 29, crammed the yaba tablets into seven different rubber contraceptives and forced one bird to swallow three and the other four.

He was carrying the birds in two boxes and waiting for a tuk tuk when officers who had been tipped off noticed him acting suspiciously.

They opened the boxes and were shocked by the huge bulges in the stomachs of the chickens in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand on Wednesday.


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der dansens i ris marken ((11((

Oprettet af sky d. 26-07-2017 10:05

kan det nu også passe at folk stjæler i badebyen de er da elles så søde, rare og flinke

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panserglas er bare det bedste forsvar i mod guldtyve

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se lige min cykel ((7))

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Nong Rose strikes blow for equality

Clad in a pink tank top and shorts, her face made up with rouge and red lipstick, transgender Muay Thai fighter Nong Rose Bancharoensuk is a formidable opponent.

Just ask Priewpak Sorjor Vichit Padriew, a male fighter who lost a thrilling five-round match to Nong Rose earlier this month. "I wasn't able to fight her strength and big build," Priewpak said.

read more http://www.bangko...r-equality

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Oprettet af IT d. 01-08-2017 00:41

når man læser dagens aviser fra DK ladet det til at der skydes og knivstikkes næsten
hver dag her er lidt fra TH hvor de unge går amok

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UPS en mast midt i vejen nå skidt vi kører bare uden om ((7))

Redigeret af FCK d. 02-08-2017 09:24

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 03-08-2017 13:25

A student with what looks like a big sword was caught on CCTV attacking a rival from another school close to Sukhumvit Road and On Nut earlier today.

Cops are hunting the attacker but the chances of him being punished are as high as me or you winning the lotto without buying a ticket.


Oprettet af yindee d. 06-08-2017 10:48

blomsterne skal vandes ((11(( det klares, med møje og besvær((7))

Oprettet af skipper d. 06-08-2017 12:08

Det ligner jsh71 ;)

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Oprettet af bille d. 07-08-2017 10:09

Dækskifte, det klarer vi let og elegant((6))

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Oprettet af Thaihans d. 11-08-2017 13:47

Bangkok exotic meat restaurant busted for serving protected snake, pangolin, turtle

Bangkok exotic meat restaurant busted for serving protected snake, pangolin, turtle

Bangkok police busted a Chinese restaurant yesterday that serves exotic animal meat after learning that protected species of snakes and turtles were also on the menu.

Twenty officers from the “Wild Hawk” task force of the National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department detained seven people working at Luang Toto restaurant, which caters mainly to Chinese tourists, in the Wang Thong Lang area. As they entered the eatery, there were two plates of cobra meat ready to be served and they found, behind the restaurant, a room where the animals were butchered.

A further search of the premises revealed nine bottles of liquor containing snake heads, the body of a pangolin, 90 grams of pangolin scales, 21 soft-shelled Thai turtles, a yellow-headed temple turtle, and four rat snakes, reported Bangkok Post.

The rat snake, pangolin, and turtles are protected animals. While cobras aren’t protected, Thai law says it is illegal to cage them, and it’s assumed that the snakes at the restaurant were caged before they were butchered.

Restaurant manager Chamu Sae-Yi, 66, and six staff members from Myanmar are being held.

Chamu was charged with violations of the 1992 Wild Animal Reservation and Protection Act. If found guilty, he could receive a four-year prison sentence and/or a fine of up to THB40,000.

The staff members have not yet been charges, but they have been detained, and police are checking to see if they have permission to work in Thailand.

Source: Coconuts

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I København Skyder de i gaderne . I Bangkok bruger de lange Knive

Oprettet af IT d. 15-08-2017 06:09

-Battery-operated LED eyelashes that flash in various colours are the latest clubber-inspired fad, and despite health concerns officials say they are legal.


Redigeret af ADM d. 16-08-2017 22:18

Oprettet af ribe d. 16-08-2017 00:43

der drikkes, der snakkes, godt nok i forskellige tunger, men skide være med det, vi forstår alle sprog, bare der er sprut nok ø((

Oprettet af ribe d. 19-08-2017 09:39

he he den kører jo endnu:TUP

Oprettet af peter99 d. 23-08-2017 10:32

go hund :SAR

Oprettet af tinner d. 29-08-2017 13:04

se lige mig lave et u-sving:o

Oprettet af Tulle d. 30-08-2017 03:44

de er sku ikke bange af sig, jeg ville løbe skrigende væk

Oprettet af morten d. 31-08-2017 05:31

Online Dating Fail: When online dating goes wrong.

This short commercial video is about Phuket.Net, and how they have no hidden surprises. John James produced this video in with Phuket.Net as a commercial advertisement.

Oprettet af M55 d. 04-09-2017 11:41

ingen strøm, NO problem, om lidt er juicen klar((11((

Oprettet af FCK d. 10-09-2017 13:35

1 død 3 såret, årsag maden nudlerne lugtede :o

One man was killed and three persons were injured on Friday in a fight between neighbours over the smell of boiled instant noodles, police said.
Somchai’s next-door neighbours – two men and a woman – were injured and were rushed to a hospital. Police found a blood-soaked knife, a baseball bat and a wood stick.

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Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 12-09-2017 16:10

When You Drive On The Wrong Side Of The Road

Anywhere in the world it’s gonna be dodgy but in Thailand the chances of it ending badly are much higher and this CCTV footage backs up what I’m saying.

Oprettet af tiny d. 13-09-2017 11:42

7/11 har det hele og de har altid åben ((7)) 11 har det hele undtagen lukket.jpg

Redigeret af tiny d. 13-09-2017 11:42

Oprettet af thai d. 15-09-2017 09:31

se lige den gamle han er helt væk i de damer

Oprettet af bille d. 16-09-2017 05:26

This is the moment a cheeky elephant stopped a truck to steal bales of hay to eat at the Khao Yai National Park in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

Redigeret af bille d. 19-09-2017 09:03

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 21-09-2017 12:55

total vandvid:o

Stupidity Kills

The idiot with the blue plastic pipe sticking out from the back of the pickup killed the biker with their stupidity.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 26-09-2017 08:38

Knob shaped corn dogs cause ‘moral outrage’ in Bangkok

A woman who makes penis-shaped waffles stuffed with sausage and cheese is experiencing brisk sales – and a public scolding – for her phallic food.

read more http://bangkokjac...e-bangkok/

Redigeret af Je suis Charlie d. 26-09-2017 08:40

Oprettet af per1234 d. 28-09-2017 05:48

nu igen, de lærer det andrig

Oprettet af eneber d. 05-10-2017 04:25

lidt mad er godt, lidt tøj er ok det hjælper til at lokke kunder ind i butikken ((7))

Oprettet af IT d. 08-10-2017 11:19

Ubuden gæst: Tre meter lang slange var løs i soveværelset

Da hun var på vej i seng kunne hun nemlig høre en slange hvæse, og da hun kiggede under et bord, fik hun et mindre chok.

Under bordet gemte sig nemlig en tre meter lang pyton, der var på jagt efter hendes kat,

læs mere her

Redigeret af ADM d. 09-10-2017 11:10

Oprettet af ribe d. 09-10-2017 11:08

De dejlige venlige Thai piger er altid klar til at hjælpe en farang ((7))

Oprettet af Kent d. 14-10-2017 06:57

ribe skrev:
De dejlige venlige Thai piger er altid klar til at hjælpe en farang ((7))

selvfølgelig er de søde pige da klar til at hjælpe, hvor der er en stakles falang der har brug for hjælp

Oprettet af thai d. 15-10-2017 06:52

en falang der bare kan det der, som kaldes Thainess

Oprettet af alene d. 21-10-2017 06:20

Je suis Charlie skrev:
total vandvid:o

Stupidity Kills

The idiot with the blue plastic pipe sticking out from the back of the pickup killed the biker with their stupidity.

Politiet kan og laste en bil på den rigtige måde:TUP

Oprettet af tiny d. 22-10-2017 05:05

Nogle Thai mænd lever livet farligt, især når de er gift og bruger løs af husholdnings pengene ((7))

Oprettet af harry eker d. 24-10-2017 09:46

He He sådan skal det gøres:TUP

Oprettet af thai d. 31-10-2017 02:21

utroligt hvad de finder på

Oprettet af bz d. 05-11-2017 10:55

tyve knægte:(

Redigeret af bz d. 05-11-2017 10:56

Oprettet af Kent d. 06-11-2017 07:04

denne reklame må ikke vises i Thai TV((7))

Oprettet af harry eker d. 09-11-2017 10:56

nu igen biler og motorcykler braser sammen :o

Oprettet af M55 d. 13-11-2017 01:07

hun lyver lidt ((7)) nå hvad falanger tror på den lille pige som er så sød og dejlig og elsker ham overalt på denne jord

Redigeret af ADM d. 19-12-2017 07:46

Oprettet af nej d. 17-11-2017 09:23

Thai women named second fattest in Asia:o
The days of skinny Thais are over - Thai women named second fattest in Asia

Thai women are now officially the second fattest group of people in Asia. Only Malaysian women tip the scales worse on average.

read more :http://bangkokjac...test-asia/

Redigeret af nej d. 16-11-2017 12:28

Oprettet af jsh71 d. 17-11-2017 09:55

Det tror da pokker, der er snart åbnet en mcd. (hundeæde) over alt i thailand. urk urk.

Oprettet af Je suis Charlie d. 19-11-2017 01:30

Police suggest sudden death of Norwegian could be due to cold weather in Thailand

Police in Uttaradit told reporters that they think a Norwegian pensioner staying with a Thai woman might have died of the cold.

Arne Larsen, 68, was found in bed dressed only in his underpants.

His local Tha Pla girlfriend had popped out for a few hours to sell stuff at the local market.

When she returned home rigor mortis had already set in.

Mr Larsen's body has been sent for a full autopsy to Phitsanulok to find out why he died.

Tha Pla cops said that he had met a girl local to the area while in Pattaya and the two had kept in touch when he went back to Oslo.

When he returned to Thailand he could not find her in Pattaya and contacted her in Utaradit before travelling to meet her.

The local cops conjectured that Mr Larsen had died from the cold, reported ONB News.


Oprettet af alene d. 23-11-2017 04:39

den fattige Somtam sælger er ikke så fattig endda((7))

Oprettet af elmet d. 26-11-2017 01:52

Total skøre unge mennesker eller hvad

Oprettet af Elmer55 d. 10-12-2017 09:45

så er det abekatte tid pas på her kommer vi ((7)) filmet i the Phra Prang Sam Yod temple in Lopburi

Oprettet af Casper d. 10-12-2017 13:41

Elmer55 skrev:
så er det abekatte tid pas på her kommer vi ((7)) filmet i the Phra Prang Sam Yod temple in Lopburi

Midt i folkefest: Skræmte aber overrender gaden efter brag
Der var abefest i gaden i Thailand under Fars dag.

Store flokke af dyr i bevægelse er ofte et vildt syn. Om det er horder af gnuer på savannen eller store klynger af insekter, ser det altid lige dele fascinerende og uhyggeligt ud.

Men midt i fejringen af Fars dag i Thailand var det alligevel et anderledes syn, der ramte forbipasserende i Lopburi nordøst for Bangkok. I byen er der tradition for at fejre dagen med et stort fyrværkeri-show, men begejstringen for det stort-anlagte show blev ikke delt af alle.

I midten af byen ligger der således et tempel med navnet Phra Prang Sam Yod - men normalt bliver det blot kaldt 'Abetemplet'. Det bliver det, fordi store klynger af aber holder til nær det, og da fyrværkeriet gik amok blev netop de skræmt fra vid og sans og stoppede al trafik.

Oprettet af FCK d. 19-12-2017 07:43

Oprettet af farang d. 23-12-2017 11:16

det går godt på landevejen

Oprettet af farang d. 23-12-2017 11:17

Så står vi til søs hvor det også kniber med at styre

Oprettet af ove d. 24-12-2017 13:46

kun i Thailand finder du to ens((1jj((

Oprettet af M55 d. 27-12-2017 09:50

Brutal skade: Thai-bokser fik smadret panden
Av. Den skade må gøre nas. Thai-bokseren Jeremy kan ikke andet end have den ondeste hovedpine i disse dage.

Mandag aften var han i kamp på Patong Stadium, og undervejs fik han en albue i hovedet, så thai-bokseren fik et hovedbrud og slået panden ind. Efterfølgende har hans træner Jonny Betts lagt dette billede ud af Jeremys hoved:

Oprettet af M55 d. 28-12-2017 09:11

pas på el ledninger de er livs farlige

Oprettet af nick d. 02-01-2018 09:11

Han har husket Hjelmen((8((

Oprettet af Q8 d. 06-01-2018 15:18

de er skøre de thaier :o

læs mere her

Redigeret af Q8 d. 06-01-2018 15:29

Oprettet af yindee d. 14-01-2018 06:18

hvem vil du helst fanges af ((7))

Oprettet af IT d. 16-01-2018 07:27

igen igen en idiot der viser sig frem :(

Oprettet af IT d. 17-01-2018 08:01

Svinet det sparker den lille dreng uden grund er fanget

Redigeret af IT d. 17-01-2018 08:03

Oprettet af FCK d. 20-01-2018 12:50

en hver bar piges drømme gave

Oprettet af tinner d. 21-01-2018 08:17

hun keder sig og venter på, at hendes fremtidige mand skal komme ind i baren, til de ølpriser, kommer hun til at vente længe ((7))

Oprettet af skipper d. 21-01-2018 12:49

Det er noget der holder cheap charlierne fra døren, så er det bedre at vente til en af de fede rotter går i fælden:SAR