Debatemne: Thai-Dk Din debat side :: Velbekomme.

Oprettet af palle d. 11-07-2017 14:36

BALI – A man selling a popular meat snack called satay approaches tourists on the Indonesian Island of Bali.

A tourist asked in English, “Is it dog? No dog?”

“No, no, no,” replied the seller.

They’re suspicious. And with good reason.

According to activists, holiday-makers on the island may be unknowingly eating dog meat.

Footage filmed in Bali by Animals Australia allegedly shows dogs being captured and prepared for satay.

And while dog meat isn’t banned here, the accusations that tourists are being misled has hit a nerve.

“People won’t come if they keep hearing the same story – people are eating dogs. And to buy dog in the street, when you are thinking you’re eating chicken or red meat, cow, fish, that to eat dog, no, no,” said Australian tourist Colin Carr.

Animals Australia says up to 100,000 dogs are slaughtered for consumption every year in Bali using inhumane and unsanitary techniques.

They’re also said to be stolen and illegally sold to meat vendors for extra cash.